Education & Training

The Education and Training Cluster focuses on the development of teachers and trainers in today’s society. Kansas has created one pathway for this cluster titled Teach and Train. The pathway design sheets found under each pathway link will provide access to the course competencies, which direct the knowledge and skill development. 

Introduction to Education and Training
This career cluster covers the basics of teaching which can be applied to a range of education careers from elementary and middle level, to specific disciplines to community education and workforce training across the lifespan. Career and technical skill organizations enhance the learning environment by offering opportunities to develop leadership while practicing classroom knowledge and skills through authentic applications. Two CTSO organizations are tied to this career cluster and include Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and Educators Rising (Ed Rising). To learn more about FCCLA in Kansas refer to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Kansas. Recently, Ed Rising was added as a CTSO at the national level. At this time, there is not a state-level Ed Rising entity, however chapter and membership information is available through the national office. To learn more, contact Educators Rising.

Teach and Train
The Teach and Train pathway focuses on the careers relating to all educational careers. Content includes general theory and practice of learning and teaching as well as the planning of educational activities across multiple disciplines. This pathway specifically links to K-12 educational settings and related training opportunities in traditional schools and in the community.


*all information taken from the KSDE CTE website


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