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internships & shadowing

What do colleges and business want to see on a resume?  They want to see experience(s) and a history of interest in a career field. Internships and shadowing provide this experience to our students.  Beyond the benefit to them, we believe our students provide real and substantive solutions to business, creating a symbiotic relationship.

speakers & resources

Exposure is powerful.  Speakers have the opportunity to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, providing students with an in-depth look at their industry or business.  Sign-up to share with self-selected student audiences to provide a window into the world of work.


Having a mentor provides consistent guidance in a student's educational journey.

professional development

We embrace the changing nature of education and encourage interaction between industry/business and our school district.   

equipment & financial contributions

Do you want to sponsor an engineering classroom or donate to the agricultural pathway? Business/industry can sponsor classrooms or offer financial support in a variety of areas within our district. 

facilities/school investment

Business/industry partners, such as Airbus, have joined with our Aerospace program to provide hands-on education for our students.  This investment showcases the symbiotic relationship between education and the world of work.

curriculum development

Many of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways require a yearly review with industry leaders.  As a district we are always in need of industry professionals to highlight the real-world skills and requirements beyond the competencies needed for each class. 

client projects

Does your company have a project that can't seem to get done?  Are you needing a fresh perspective or design idea?  Let the brain-power of our students give you a jump-start, while giving them real-world experience.