What is maize:connect and why should I care?

The world of college and work are changing.  In an effort to better prepare you, our student, we are working hard to develop community partnerships for shadowing and internship experiences.  Our goal is to provide you with a real-world job experience, while benefiting our community's businesses and non-profits.  Working with professionals who provide hands-on experience will hopefully translate to more certainty about college major and/or career decisions and a network of professionals to support you along the way.

What this means for you is "options and opportunity."  Soon (the spring of 2018), you will be able to place maize:connect "Shadow/Internship" blocks into your schedule, allowing you to work with professionals in a time window that works with your existing class schedule.  If you have AP US History and Orchestra, no problem; your "Shadow/Internship" block will still find a place in your schedule.  Should you want to set-up an internship outside of the school day, that can be done, too.  Options and opportunity abound; now it is your turn to take advantage of this.


What are the different career options that I can explore during my time in the Maize school system?

We offer a LOT of traditional classes and 25 pathways in 14 of the 16 nationally recognized career clusters.  For more information about the pathways we offer, click here.  For additional information about classes offered at each high school, visit their Counselor's Corner page.  Click here for Maize South High School & here for Maize High School.  


How can I learn about available internship / shadowing opportunities?

Soon you will be able to navigate a Shadow/Internship Partnership database.  It will have established partnerships listed and sort-able.  You, however, are not limited to the database.  In fact, we hope you grow our database.  Ultimately, you should find your own shadow/internship field site that fits you.  Once you do, share it with us so that future students are aware of the opportunity.  We are NOT going to leave you on an island in this process.  We have a number of resources below to help you in your search.